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Chapter 3 Anastasia

Chapter 3- Anastasia

Anastasia watched poor Sofia hit the ground. She didn’t get back up again.What if she was dead? What if she never got to talk to her again? A man came around the corner and picked her up. This was not the time for this. Anastasia wiped her eyes to clear them of tears. She could save them all, she had to, but first she had to get that boy.

Anastasia ran through the abandoned corridors of the building. Everyone must have escaped or they were asleep. Anastasia heard the familiar creak of the floorboards come from the music room. She slowly pushed on the door and peered inside. There was a boy. Something about him made her mind itch. He was thin and his body was made for running not for carrying a knife. More than anything his body was made for an instrument. Her butterflies fought against her. Her brain won and she edged silently into the room. The boy was busing himself inspecting her instruments. He stopped at her violin and spun violently around.
“Who are you?” He inquired.
“Anastasia,” She replied. He stepped closer. The knife she saw him wielding was not in his hand, actually it was in its sheath. Anastasia steeled herself for battle. “Do you know where Melody is?” He questioned. The name rang a bell.
“Do you know who Melody is?” He asked her after seeing her confused face. Anastasia shook her head. From being content to find Melody to being interested in her was a confusing thing.
“Are you a prisoner?” He asked. Anastasia nodded her head. The rebellion always had had a place for her, but he was the enemy. They would never harm her if they thought she was on his side. The boy put his hand out. That was his mistake. Anastasia reached to shake it but instead bent it around and pinned it to his back. The boy cried out in pain.“Bait,” said Anastasia coolly. Anastasia wandered around the building until she found the man who had entered the building with him.
“I have the boy,” Anastasia shouted. Her butterflies may be strong but when her friends were in danger she was stronger but sometimes a backup plan helped.
“How did you capture my son?” The bulky man asked. Anastasia growled as if she were a wild animal. The man turned around and put a knife around Sofia’s neck. Anastasia bellowed, “Leave her alone!”
“Only if you give me my son,”
“Give me Sofe first,” Anastasia wasn’t expecting him to try it. He threw her over. Anastasia dropped the thing she had in the back of her hand and sprinted with the boy and Sofia on her back. The room was no more. Bits of shrapnel laid around the surrounding nooks and crannies. The man would’ve escaped and would find her. She knew that. Everyone was safe but now her butterflies were back.

Anastasia had put the boy next to Sofia, Lynx and Joz as she puked behind a tree. “You did well!” Sofia called out. She still didn’t understand what Anastasia had done though. Anastasia wiped the puke off from around her mouth on a leaf.
“Please, I need my father,” begged the boy.
“Boy, what’s your name?” Demanded Lynx.
“What’s your name first?” The boy replied bravely. That was his second mistake. No one talked back to Lynx.
“Feisty, I’m Lynx, this is Joz, Sofia and you already know Anastasia,”
“Why did you tell me your names?”
“A sign of trust, genius,” she uttered.
“Fine, I’m Laurence,” he replied. Anastasia liked that name. It meant music in her old language. Anastasia was smiling cheekily at that. She shouldn’t be feeling this way about the enemy. She completely forgot this as her butterflies raced to her face and it turned red.

The trees were a stunning place to hide. The treehouse was her favourite place to be but with all her friends in it, it tended to get crowded. Anastasia breathed deeply thinking about the past events. In books the fighting scenes could go on forever but her first fight lasted three minutes and seven seconds exactly. She had a habit of counting in times of anxious crises. That boy, Laurence. Music. Her head was crowded. Laurence was breathing on her shoulder. His warm breath calming her. Suddenly his head jolted up bumping Anastasia on the head. Anastasia didn’t notice her brain and fingers were figuring out a new melody.
“Anastasia?” He asked.
“Taken from my home,
Far away in a place,
I do not know,
Breath, breath, breath,
Anxiety,” Anastasia sung sweet and hallowing. Laurence sat and listened. Anastasia stopped, realising he was listening. “You shouldn’t have heard that,” Anastasia stated.
“It’s ok,”
“It’s a weakness,” Anastasia said getting up and pacing. Laurence followed her. He didn’t realise the shadow of Sofia. She was coming closer. Anastasia whirled around quick enough to grab her raised arm before it hit Laurence with a sharp blade.
“Sofia!” Anastasia hissed. It was unlike Anastasia to hiss but Sofia was going to attack Laurence. “Clover, he was following you,” Sofia moaned.
“I knew he was there,” Said Anastasia still annoyed by her behaviour.
“If I may,” Started Laurence until Sofia threatened him with her knife again.
“You may not,” Sofia said manner of a factly.
“Ok, duly noted, but I was helping her,” Laurence said anyway. Sofia looked incredulously between the two of them before groaning and walking away. “Remember he is the enemy!” She bellowed as she left pointing angrily at him. Anastasia’s butterflies were back. The thought of Sofia dead was back again. She ran to the tree that was sick behind earlier and lost her dinner to it. Laurence stood there and rubbed her back fondly. It was like they had known each other forever.

Laurence had walked her back to her sleeping bag. She couldn’t sleep though, so she counted all of their supplies. They didn’t have many. Two bandaids, one bottle of water, five apples wrapped in a blue wrapper and one sandwich that Sofia couldn’t eat. They wouldn’t last long. She paced. Then Laurence saw her. His calming presence lulled her until she was asleep.